Minors, concentrations and programs

Academic Minors

Students in the University of Michigan College of Engineering can elect one or more academic minors offered by departments within LS&A. Minors are intended to recognize the completion of a coherent sequence of courses in a particular academic area and require a careful selection of your non-engineering courses. They serve as recognition, via transcript notations, of the completion of a more in-depth course sequence.

For more information visit the LS&A minors approved list from the U-M College of Engineering.

Manufacturing systems concentration (MSC)

For undergraduate University of Michigan Industrial and Operations Engineering (U-M IOE) students interested in pursuing a career in manufacturing, this program will give them more exposure to the field. The concentration consists of a sequence of courses in manufacturing (IOE 425, IOE 441, ME 481, etc.). The credit hours for this sequence will be contained within the usual BSE degree requirements. The Program Advisor for the Mechanical Engineering degree program will advise and audit the concentration sequence. “Manufacturing Systems Concentration” will appear on your transcript but not on your diploma. The MSC will focus on a systems approach to manufacturing and design for future requirements.

For more information visit the Mechanical Engineering website.

Minors and certificates

The College of Engineering offers a variety of academic minors and co-curricular programs to complement our undergraduate engineering degrees. Through these opportunities, students can apply engineering skills while traveling abroad, obtain hands-on entrepreneurial experience, explore artistic, creative passions and much more.

Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Studies Program (SUGS)

Complete your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in only five years with SUGS by taking some graduate-level classes during your undergraduate years.

Find out more about SUGS here.

Honors Program

The College of Engineering Honors Program at the U-M provides a unique opportunity for highly-motivated students to reach their full potential, both inside and outside of the classroom. Specialized academic requirements create an enriched learning environment that caters to the various disciplines of the College of Engineering. Honors students work closely with faculty and student mentors, facilitating strong intellectual bonds and personal growth. If you are ready to be challenged beyond the scope of traditional curricula, and are looking for an enriching community, then the Honors Program could be the perfect way to explore your talents.

For more information, please visit the College of Engineering honors program website.