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Explore our top-tier undergrad program.

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Students work together in IOE Professor Denton's class

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Explore our renowned master's and PhD programs.

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IOE undergrad researcher takes to a healthcare provider

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Industrial & Operations Engineering (IOE) has a powerhouse impact on the real world.

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6 NAE Members

Jim Bagian
Don Chaffin
Mark Daskin
Wallace Hopp
Jack Hu
Steve Pollock

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Hand with sensors on it touching a wall

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All U-M engineers are problem solvers and creative thinkers; U-M IOE engineers take that to the next level.

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“I wouldn’t be at the University of Michigan without donors. That is the reason I was able to come to the University of Michigan and the reason that I am still motivated and passionate about IOE. I work harder in my classes because I know that donors are putting a lot and investing a lot in me and I want to make sure that I’m doing the best I can to make the biggest impact on the University and whatever job I go out and take.”