PhD Applications

PhD Admission Recommendations

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Deadlines To Submit Applications

Application deadline for Fall 2024 PhD: December 10, 2023.

PhD applicants are only accepted for entry in the Fall semester.

PhD Application Step-by-Step

1. Fill out the application

Applying to U-M Ann Arbor (Rackham Graduate School Link)

2. Statement of purpose

Must include areas of interest in the top corner

3. Personal statement
Some suggested topics for your personal statement are:

  • Volunteer and/or community service;
  • Extra-curricular activities;
  • Leadership activities;
  • Educational, cultural, geographic or socio-economic background underrepresented in your discipline of graduate study;
  • Financial hardship;
  • First generation U.S. citizen or first generation in family to graduate from a four-year college.

4. GRE scores

A GRE score is not required for applicants who apply for Fall 2024 PhD

5. Three letters of recommendation

If you apply online, we encourage you to submit your letters electronically. At least TWO of your letters should be from faculty.

6. Transcripts

Submit a transcript for each Bachelor’s, Master’s, Professional or Doctoral degree earned or in progress.
For instructions on submitting transcripts, please see the Rackham Graduate School website. Applicants will upload a copy of the official transcript and enter a “self-reported” GPA when applying online. Official paper transcripts/documents are only required if a student is admitted, and these must be submitted by the end of the first term of enrollment.

All credentials submitted for admission consideration become the property of the University of Michigan and will not be returned in original or copy form.

7. International applicants must also send

Include one set of: Official transcripts, certificates, and diplomas in the original language, in addition to an English translation.

TOEFL scores sent from ETS (institution code 1839)

8. Application fee

There is a $90.00 application fee for international applicants.  

Domestic and Permanent Resident applicants are eligible for an application fee waiver. This will automatically apply to your application.  

Undocumented or DACA Applicants are also eligible for application fee waivers here.

While very limited, in certain circumstances, International applicants may be eligible for an application fee waiver administered by the Rackham Graduate School. For information about eligibility criteria and instructions for various fee waiver programs, visit this page.

9. Decision notification

All applicants who are offered admission are notified via e-mail as soon as a decision is reached. PhD admission/financial aid offers will be sent via e-mail mostly during the months of February and March. Notification to applicants who do not receive admission are sent in early-April.

The Graduate Admission Committee is working very hard to finish reviewing your application. Once an admission decision has been made by the committee, we will notify you by e-mail. Thank you for your patience.

Previous Degrees Required

Admission to the PhD program does not require a Master’s degree. Qualified students who hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering, science or mathematics may apply directly to the PhD program.


Most of our classes require and assume that the students are knowledgeable in one or more of the following subjects: linear algebra, calculus-based probability, calculus-based statistics, and computer programming. If you are admitted to the Master’s or PhD programs, the department will provide a list of descriptions of University of Michigan courses frequently used to satisfy these prerequisites to help you ascertain your knowledge of the above topics, and, if needed, attain the necessary background. We will provide an opportunity to review the highlights of these subjects together with your fellow entering students before the fall semester begins. We will also recommend classes at the University of Michigan if you prefer to take them during your graduate studies.

Test Of English As A Foreign Language – (TOEFL)

  • Foreign applicants whose native language is not English or does NOT have a degree from an English-speaking institution must provide evidence of either a “Test of English as a Foreign Language” (TOEFL) score,  scores on the IELTS, ECPE and MET exams, or take the “English Proficiency Test for Foreign Students” administered by the English Language Institute at The University of Michigan. Upon entering the IOE graduate program, a student who has been determined by the Graduate Admissions Committee to have a deficiency in spoken or written English, is required to:
    1. take the verbal and written English tests given by ELI (English Language Institute);
    2. report the results to the IOE graduate program advisor, and
    3. abide by any recommendation made by his or her counselor or the Graduate Program Advisor for remedial coursework.

Letters Of Recommendation

  • Letters of recommendation should be submitted online, but hard copies may be submitted if that is not possible. Remember to add sufficient time for hard copies to reach us by the application deadlines.

Additional Information

Please send requests to: