Labs & Facilities

Center for Ergonomics

The Center for Ergonomics operates within the Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering and is dedicated to gaining and sharing a better understanding of how tools, technologies and work practices affect health and performance and how they can be improved through human-centered design. 

Data Science Lab

The focus of the Data Science Lab is on developing machine learning and decision-making methodologies that facilitate the transformation from an information-rich to a decision smart system.

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Guikema Research Group

The Guikema Research Group is focused on and grounded in risk analysis, statistical learning theory, agent-based modeling, stochastic simulation, decision analysis, and agent-based modeling.

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Interaction and Collaboration Research Lab (ICRL)

The Interaction and Collaboration Research Lab (ICRL) aims to understand how humans interact and collaborate with each other, with autonomous agents and with robots, and to propose design solutions facilitating such interactions and collaborations.

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Stirling Group

This interdisciplinary research group brings together methods from human factors, biomechanics, and robotics. It strives to understand the physical and cognitive interactions for goal-oriented human task performance and support operational decision making that relies on manual task performance.

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