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Industry Partnership Program

Partner WITH U-M IOE to advance your company goals

The goal of the U-M IOE Industry Partnership Program is to create channels to help our industry partners identify promising students and to help expose our students to the breadth of opportunities companies like yours can offer. Through this program, your company can share opportunities for internships, full-time positions and more. You can become a “partner” at no cost or a “sponsor” with additional benefits listed below.



Industry Partners


Help us understand which partnership opportunities we offer now (or potential future opportunities) are of interest to you and your organizations. Please contact with any questions or suggestions. To sign-up for the program please fill out the interest form above.

become a U-M IOE PARTNER for Free

  • Company Name & Logo on department website
  • Advertise positions – Publish announcements for your company’s job postings to our U-M IOE jobs database, which includes internships and full-time positions that may be of interest to students. The jobs database is shared with students on a weekly basis via the U-M IOE weekly student newsletters.
  • Receive communications from IOE about opportunities like IOE career fair, department social events, and other recruiting opportunities.
  • Be considered for speaking opportunities in our IOE Careers Seminar series and other venues

become a U-M IOE Sponsor for $5000

  • Partner Benefits (listed above)
  • Premium advertising of sponsor support via website, IOE department information boards, acknowledgments of support at IOE  events
  • Access to curated U-M IOE student resume database
  • Targeted announcement of internships and full-time positions to students in IOE weekly student newsletter
  • Receive priority consideration for speaking opportunities in IOE
  • Support for on-site interviewing with private space to meet and/or interview students on campus
  • Senior Design and Master’s project fees are waived. (Note: projects depend on instructor approval and student availability)
  • IOE Career Fair – Apply for exclusive access to all U-M IOE students during our fall career fair, with on-campus resources. This event is co-sponsored in partnership with the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE)
    In-Person Fair: TBD for 2024
    NOTE: Registration for the Career Fair is required


Master’s Projects – Propose a project to our master’s student project course instructors that you would like a team of U-M IOE master’s students to work on. U-M IOE master’s students bring advanced skills to consult on a wide range of real-world problems.

Senior design projects – Propose a project to our senior design course instructors that you would like a team of U-M IOE students to work on. U-M IOE students consult on a wide range of real-world problems.

Financial support – Create a named student award, fellowship, or donate funds in your company’s name to further your corporate goals and increase visibility, while helping to support our students’ career development. 

Industry immersion experience – Work with U-M IOE to craft an in-person experience for students to learn about your company, take a tour, engage with company leadership, or even participate in a mini project or industry-based game. 

Industry speakers – Apply to speak in a U-M IOE Seminar Series or serve as a guest lecturer to help U-M IOE students learn about industry-specific challenges and career opportunities. 

Professional education workshops – Access to U-M IOE experts who will work with your company to develop a training program for your employees in areas like data analytics, human-systems integration and more. 

Research contracts – Propose industry research collaboration contracts to engage U-M IOE faculty to find cutting-edge solutions for your company.

Other – Have an idea that’s not included above? Let us know at