Human Systems Integration

The domain of human systems integration is a multidisciplinary field of research that endeavors to extend knowledge about how people interact with technology. This research area considers human cognitive and physical needs and capabilities as a top priority to be integrated into the design and development of modern sociotechnical systems to improve their safety and performance.

This area includes:

Human-Automation Systems in Transport Operations: Empirical analysis and modeling based approaches to study highly automated, partially autonomous, and remotely controlled vehicles in a variety of domains.

Wearable Sensors and Technologies: Tools for employing wearable sensors to quantify human performance and human-machine fluency in operational settings requiring optimal control of exoskeletons, drones, and other types of robots.

Inclusive Design: Methods that consider the full spectrum of human functional variability, with an emphasis on users that are vulnerable to exclusion, such as elderly individuals and those who have disabilities and special needs.