Nevena Paripovic

Privacy Program Manager


University of Michigan, BSE Industrial and Operations Engineering

University of Michigan, MSE Industrial and Operations Engineering


My career started at Cisco Systems, focused on HRIT improvements. I then had the opportunity to work with many different tech companies to improve inefficiencies for how data flows. It was a rewarding experience that exposed me to a lot of interesting challenges and approaches to privacy, as well as a chance to travel extensively and meet new people. I pivoted in-house to FB’s privacy program where I now work directly with teams implementing privacy by design before products are launched. My engineering background has prepared me to quickly and critically think through product proposals and effectively communicate privacy by design requirements.

How does your Master’s degree differentiate you from others?

The MSE IOE program was tailored in an application-based model in that classes prompted interesting real-life scenarios requiring students to tactically apply IOE principles. I distinctly remember analyzing the ergonomic stress a person in the kitchen may have while putting cookies in the oven. Another project had us create a model to answer the question if the bus system on campus is efficient.