James Melvin

James Melvin

The Connable Office, Inc.


University of Michigan, BSE Industrial and Operations Engineering, 1986

University of Michigan, MBA Ross School of Business, 1990

University of Michigan, JD Law School, 1990


During my undergraduate studies I had a part time summer job in pharmaceutical manufacturing which really helped me better understand my engineering studies. After my graduate studies, I practiced law for two years focusing on corporate law, which helped round out my education. I found a job where I could use my engineering, business, and law degrees. I advise families that own or have own private businesses on money management estate planning while also advising the companies which they own.

Reflection on Time Spent at U-M
My engineering degree is used daily. I use it in investment advising using my knowledge of statistics and decision analysis. I use my computer engineer skills in managing the day to day business operations and software. My IOE skills help develop quality control programs, as I operate in a highly regulated industry.

Advice to Students
Engineering provides the basic skills to succeed in just about any business environment. I believe it is important to during school to focus on developing life skills and obtaining as many different life experiences as possible to enhance the technical skills that you will bring to the table.

Being able to relate and communicate with people from all backgrounds is extremely important. I have found travel, well abroad or in the USA is vital and helps you connect with people. The more life experiences you have the better!