Kari Mellina

portrait of Kari Mellina

Executive Vice President & CFO, Super Radiator Coils




Kari Mellina has over two decades of industry knowledge and experience in lean manufacturing, supply chain management and process improvement systems at Super Radiator Coils. She has held numerous leadership roles at the company including Materials Manager, Product Manager and Director of Materials, Systems and Administration. Kari currently serves as SRC’s Executive Vice President and CFO.

Super Radiator Coils is an engineering and manufacturing company that has been designing and building high quality custom heat exchangers for commercial and industrial markets since 1928. The company is a Limited Partnership owned entirely by partners engaged in its daily operation in three strategically located facilities in Chaska Minnesota (near Minneapolis), Richmond, Virginia and Phoenix, Arizona. Super Radiator Coils has a large staff of sales engineers that work directly with its customers to ensure they design the heat exchanger coils to fit and accurately perform in the customer’s system. Since coils have no moving parts, it is crucial that the design is precise for the application before it is manufactured. SRC also has several industrial engineers on the manufacturing floor in each facility that continually improve processes to increase efficiencies, decrease quality issues and maintain safety. Super Radiator Coils has grown steadily over the years and continues to service many markets that require heating and cooling. Some of them include: data cooling, refrigeration display case, aircraft ground support, military submarines, wind tunnel testing facilities and many more.

Kari holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial and operations engineering from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in Business Administration from The College of William and Mary. Kari and her family currently reside in Richmond, Virginia.