portrait of Viswanath Nagarajan

Viswanath Nagarajan

Associate Professor


2713 IOE


Additional Title(s)

  • Graduate Recruitment and Admission Committee Chair

Viswanath Nagarajan joined the faculty in fall 2014. His research focuses on the design and analysis of algorithms for hard combinatorial optimization problems. In particular, Viswanath works in the area of approximation algorithms (these are efficient algorithms with provable worst-case bounds on solution quality). Application areas of interest include routing, location, scheduling, and data center management. In addition to the classical deterministic setting, he also works on models that incorporate data uncertainty (stochastic and robust optimization) and dynamic input (online algorithms). Previously, Viswanath was a research staff member at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center (2009-2014).


Research Interests

Industrial Operations

  • Distribution & Logistics

Operations Research Tools

  • Approximation Algorithms
  • Math Programming
  • Network Flows
  • Optimization

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