Katta Murty smiles and poses for a portrait.

Katta Murty

Professor Emeritus


2775 IOE


Professor Murty has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in linear, integer and non-linear programming and network flows. His recent research includes studies in mathematical programming and its applications as well as research on optimization algorithms. He is the author of four books on linear and non-linear programming and network flows, and an undergraduate text on Operations Research-Deterministic Optimization Models.


Research Interests


  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation

Industrial Operations

  • Distribution & Logistics
  • Inventory Control
  • Supply-Chain Management

Operations Research Tools

  • Math Modeling
  • Math Programming
  • Network Flows
  • Optimization
  • Optimum Decision Making

Professional Service



  • K. G. Murty, Linear and Combinatorial Programming, Wiley, 1976, 567 pages.
  • K. G. Murty, Linear Programming, Wiley,1983, 482 pages.
  • K. G. Murty, Linear Complementarity, Linear and Nonlinear Programming, Helderman Verlag,1988, 629 pages. First textbook on the linear complementarity problem. Now out of print, but the internet edition of this book available for downloading on his website mentioned above.
  • K. G. Murty, Network Programming, PrenticeHall, 1992, 623 pages.
  • K. G. Murty, Operations Research: Deterministic optimization Models, PrenticeHall, 1995, 581 pages.
  • J. R. Birge, K. G. Murty (editors), Mathematical Programming: State of the Art, 1994, Papers of tutorial talks given at the 15th Mathematical Programming Symposium held at UM, Ann Arbor.