Eunshin Byon smiles and poses for a portrait.

Eunshin Byon

Associate Professor


2773 IOE


Additional Title(s)

  • IOE Diversity Ally

Dr. Byon’s research interests include reliability evaluation, fault diagnosis/condition monitoring, predictive modeling and data analytics, and operations and maintenance decision-making for stochastic systems. Her recent research focuses on uncertainty quantification of stochastic systems using stochastic simulations, reliability analysis and improvement of large-scale, interconnected systems with applications to renewable power power systems and manufacturing processes. She is a member of IIE, INFORMS, and IEEE.


Research Interests

  • Analytics
    Predictive Data Analytics
  • Applications
  • Risk Management
  • Industrial Operations
    Operations & Maintenance Optimization
  • Operations Research Tools
    Stochastic Opt. & Control
  • Quality & Applied Statistics
    Bayesian Statistics
    Design of Experiments
    Fault Diagnosis & Condition Monitoring
    Reliability & Maintainability
    Statistical Quality Control

Research areas:
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Professional Service



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