U-M team’s power grid work earn kudos at national conference

Society for Risk Analysis recognizes Michigan researchers for work predicting storm damage.

ANN ARBOR – University of Michigan associate professor Seth Guikema and U-M graduate student research assistant Elnaz Kabir have received a Best Poster award from the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA). The researchers were honored at a recent SRA conference for their poster outlining a more accurate way to estimate the risk of individual trees falling during a storm.

Their work could help cities make better decisions about which trees to prune or remove, helping them remove trees that pose a risk to power systems or people and preserve those that don’t. The award was presented at the SRA Annual Meeting, held in San Diego, California.

The Society for Risk Analysis is a multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, scholarly, international society that provides an open forum for all those interested in risk analysis. SRA was established in 1980 and has published Risk Analysis: An International Journal, the leading scholarly journal in the field, continuously since 1981.