IOE 2017 Murty Prize winners

Brian Lemay and Xiangkun Shen have been selected as winners of the 2017 Murty Prize in the Industrial & Operations Engineering Department | Short Read
IMAGE:  Portrait of Brian Lemay, Xiangkun Shen. Photos by Joseph Xu, College of Engineering.

Brian Lemay (Brian Lemay, Amy Cohn, Marina Epelman, Stephen Gorga:   New Methods for Resolving Conflicting Requests with Examples from Medical Residency Scheduling)

Xiangkun Shen (Xiangkun Shen, Jon Lee and Viswanath Nagarajan; Approximating Graph-Constrained Max-Cut)
CONGRATULATIONS Brian and Xiangkun

A committee reviews papers nominated for the annual award, formally known as the Katta Murty Prize for Best Research Paper on Optimization by an IOE Student.