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Department Seminar: Ashish Deshpande, University Of Maine - Thursday, Jan 20 @ 8:00am

"Biomechanical analysis of physical interactions between humans and devices: applications in the development of rehabilitation and assistive robots"

Abstract: Robots have the exciting potential to improve long term rehabilitation, to serve as highly functional prostheses, and to enhance the quality of life for the elderly and disabled. My goal is to design novel robotic devices based on biomechanical and mechanical analyses of physical interactions between humans and mechanical devices. The talk will focus on:
- hand biomechanics and the role of intricate anatomical features in the hand in realizing successful neuromuscular control strategies.
- the development of an anatomically correct test-bed (ACT) hand, which is an advanced hand prostheses with mechanical elements that imitate key features of hand biomechanics, including tendons, bones, and joints.
- ideas for ongoing and future research directions in the areas of prosthetics, rehabilitation, and human motion analysis.
These include the development of a robotic exoskeleton for upper body rehabilitation, design of robotic assistive devices, and development of methodologies for the collection and analysis of human movement data for applications in the fields of rehabilitation and athletics.

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