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IOE 899 Seminar Presents: David Hutton, University of Michigan - Nov 3, 2010

Nov 3, 2010 | 4-5 PM | 1680 IOE

"The Use of Operations Research Tools and Techniques for Influenza Pandemic Planning"

Pandemic influenza is a serious threat to public health and the US alone spends billions of dollars on pandemic influenza preparedness. However, we are uncertain when an influenza pandemic will occur and what the exact characteristics of the disease will be like when it does occur. The epidemiology of infection spread is complex involving positive feedback dynamics and different risk groups with different risk characteristics. Likewise, the strategies to combat and respond to pandemic influenza are also varied and may involve complex coordination. Operations Research tools such as systems modeling, decision analysis, supply chain management can help deal with the complexity and uncertainty surrounding public health planning for pandemic influenza. I will discuss and summarize several applications of Operations Research tools to the problems of planning and responding to an influenza pandemic. We will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches and conclude with areas for future research.

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