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IOE 899 Seminar Presents: Richard Hughes, University of Michigan

Sept. 15, 2010| 4-5 PM | 1680 IOE

"Biomechanics and Human Factors in Orthopaedic Surgery Quality Improvement"

The Institute of Medicine's report, Crossing the Quality Chasm, raised awareness of the general problem of poor quality health care delivery in the United States. The quality of surgical treatments for musculoskeletal disorders is also lower than patients, providers, and payers would like. This talk will discuss the role of biomechanics and human factors in improving the quality of care provided to patients undergoing total knee replacement (above left in X-ray image). Computer-assisted navigation will be used an example. Experimental data will be presented to show that variability in prosthetic component alignment can be improved by understanding the limits of human performance and applying biomechanical principles. The remainder of the talk will focus on opportunities for applying industrial and biomedical engineering methodologies to quality improvement in orthopaedic surgery.

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