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Dr. Thomas L. Magnanti delivers The 2005 Wilbert Steffy Distinguished Lecture

Dr. Thomas L. Magnanti delivers The 2005 Wilbert Steffy Distinguished LectureThursday, April 14, 2005 at 4 p.m.
Lee Iacocca Room, 1504 G.G. Brown
2350 Hayward

Dr. Thomas L. Magnanti
Institute Professor and Dean of Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Engineering Exuberance

In the last hundred years, engineers conceived, designed, and implemented major scientific and technological developments that have transformed our lives. And they will do so again in the next hundred years. But the context of engineering differs today from the past with innovations flourishing in such fields as bioengineering, engineering systems, tiny technologies, information, computation and communications, and new educational technologies. It is an exciting time for engineering, with almost unprecedented opportunities. This talk will summarize some emerging themes and ways the modern research university will remain at the forefront of engineering education, research, and practice. It will also offer some thoughts on the evolving role of Operations Research and Systems Engineering.

Thomas Magnanti has devoted much of his professional career to education that combines engineering and management and to teaching and research in applied and theoretical aspects of large-scale optimization. He has received numerous educational and research awards and currently serves on several corporate and university boards. As Dean, he has focused on educational innovation, industrial and international partnerships, technical based entrepreneurship, diversity, and innovation in emerging domains such as bioengineering, tiny technologies, information engineering, and engineering systems.

A reception will follow in the Masco Common Rooms
Robert H. Lurie Engineering Center
1221 Beal Avenue

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