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Special Options and Interdisciplinary Programs

  • Special Options
    The degree of Master of Science in Industrial and Operations Engineering can be designed around special options:  
  • Interdisciplinary Programs
    • Joint Master's Degree Program
    • Dual Master's Degree Program
    • Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program
    • Dual MBA/MS(IOE) Degree Program
    • Interdisciplinary program

    • Occupational Safety Engineering and Ergonomics Option

      A 30 credit hour interdisciplinary program for students who wish to specialize in occupational safety or ergonomics. Course work in biomechanics, work physiology, human performance, safety engineering, safety management, process measurement, experimental design and analysis of human factors data. Open to applicants with undergraduate bachelor's degrees in engineering or science. Graduates find positions in government service and private industry.

      Students who elect the Safety Engineering option may be eligible to receive a traineeship from our Center for Occupational Health and Safety Engineering (COHSE), a program sponsored by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). NIOSH traineeships include tuition, fees, and a stipend of up to $8,000 per year. Approximately four traineeships are available each year for Master's and Doctoral students.

      In addition to the NIOSH program, 10 to 15 Research Assistantships are available for students interested in either safety or ergonomics.


      Joint Master's Degree Program

      A 30-hour Master's program for which the student receives one Master's degree from two departments. The student's program must have the approval of both departments involved before the student begins coursework. This program also requires the approval of the Rackham Graduate School.


      Dual Master's Degree Program

      A program in which the student receives two Master's degrees from two departments, both of which must be part of the Rackham Graduate School. A student may double-count up to one sixth of the total credit hours of both programs subject to departmental approval, thus reducing the total number of credit hours necessary for the two degrees.


      Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program

      An individual interdepartmental Ph.D. program may be developed for any student with the approval of the departments concerned and the Dean of the Graduate School.

      For a student in an interdepartmental Ph.D. program, the IOE qualifying exam requirements of the department apply at a reduced level (approximately half). The interdepartmental Ph.D. student must also satisfy the doctoral student examination requirements (possibly at a correspondingly reduced level) of the other department. All the other Ph.D. degree requirements remain the same.


      Dual MBA/MS(IOE) Degree Program

      The School of Business Administration and the Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering offer a dual degree program enabling a student to pursue concurrent work in business administration and industrial and operations engineering leading to the MBA and MS(IOE) degrees. The program is arranged so that all requirements for both degrees are completed in two and one-half years of enrollment (63 credit hours). Students interested in the MBA/ MS(IOE) combined program must apply to and be admitted by both schools, using their respective application forms and indicating that application is being made to the dual program. In particular, the statistics requirement for the IOE program should be discussed with an advisor prior to commencing either program.

      This combined program is not open to students who have earned either the MBA or MS(IOE) degrees. However, students registered in the first year of either program may apply. Students admitted to this dual program must satisfy the following degree requirements:

      1. The 30-credit hour MBA core
      2. 15 elective hours in business administration (12 of the 15 hours must be approved by IOE).
      3. 18 credit hours in graduate level IOE courses (at least nine of which must be in courses numbered 500 or above).
      4. A two-credit independent study in IOE or the Business School which would lead to a paper integrating business and IOE perspectives on a particular area of interest.

      The dual program can begin with studies in either school. However, because of the sequenced nature of the core courses in the MBA program, most students will find it advantageous to start the first year in the Business School. Students who wish to begin with Industrial and Operations Engineering should consult a counselor in the Business School to work out an appropriate plan of study.




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